Something about life

Life is not perfect,
and it never be.
You just have to make the very best of it,
and you have to open your heart ❤️to,
what the world can show you.
Sometimes it’s terrifying and,
sometimes it’s incredible beautifull.
And I’ll take both.



4 thoughts on “Something about life

  1. Welcome to my blog! However, there’ll be no coaching, nor is there a ‘community grid’!
    All there is, is Norwegian nature and fauna, but – on the other hand – of this there is an abundance of nearly 7 300 pictures – nearly all in ‘full screen’ – large enough to fill a 50 inch screen!
    A good idea is to browse through my archives using the tool named ‘INDEX’. You’ll find a link taking you to the INDEX at the end of any post you care to open. Please enjoy!
    NB! There is also vicious guard dog on the loose! 🙂 It’s designed to hunt down profiles showing little or no activity over time and – to delete them! Why so? Because most blogs at a certain age will have experienced having up to approximately 5000 ‘followers’ accquired over time whilst they are actually only having something like 4-500! I’ve been there, and – I have no wish to return there. (And as long as you show a minimum of activity, you’ will have no problems! 🙂

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