Deal With Monster_

I always feel that life is very beautiful, we already read about it and many motivational speakers speak about it.

But a few people in life who has a negative mindset, they try to make you feel and even try to demotivate you.
Basically I am talking about a green eyes monster and my question is that….

How to deal with these monster mind peoples and stay feel positive still around them?

First we should accept that monsters always be their. Never be a world where everyone is happy.
You cover your face from dust, pollution at the time of driving bike. Similarly we have to cover ourself from these monsters doing ignore them.

There are many persons around you and everyone has a different mindset. Some of them are demotivating you, but you have to learn from it that how to deal with these people.

Now knowing that never argue with an idiot because an idiot has more experience to being an idiot.

Second thing is that understanding_
The negavive person may not born in negative because children are not negative. May be there is a negative situation or accident occured with these people which made them negative. So try to understand the story of that person.

One more thing is that if you find yourself constantly touch with this people who is very negative and angry. Then you have to spend less time with this people because in some stage it may change you [because we are a human not a robot].
When you smile, may be the world will ask why it is smiling and what’s going on in his/her life. But smiling anyway because you are not smiling to show the world because of your inner happiness.

# Remember happiness and sadness these are the part of our life. Don’t take it serious..

4 thoughts on “Deal With Monster_

  1. I would not ignore these monsters with green sad and pessimistic eyes, but only with kindness, love, maybe I would get infected. If we could not convince them that happiness is our decision and life is beautiful, though sometimes unjust, but still beautiful. It’s hard, I’d have to leave them.

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